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Diplomacy: A Game of International Intrigue, Trust and Treachery

$ 30.00
SKU: WOC22193

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At the turn of the 20th century, prior to World War I, the seven Great European Powers engage in an intricate struggle for supremacy. Military forces invade and withdraw, shifting borders and altering empires with subtle maneuvers and daring gambits. Alliances are formed and trust is betrayed as players negotiate and outwit one another锟絠n a delicate balance of cooperation and competition锟絫o gain dominance of the continent. Diplomacy锟 challenges players to rely on their own cunning and cleverness, not dice, to determine the outcome of this game of conspiracies and conquest. This classic has an all new artistic treatment to game components. This is the first time back in print since 1999! Rated as one of the top games of all time it heavily relies on social interaction, interpersonal skills, and negotiation as an essential part of the game play.
  • Game board measures ~30锟 x 20锟
  • 315 army, navy & national control markers
  • Compact box, bookshelf ready
  • 20 count strategy map pad
  • 24 page rulebook