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Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG: (Adventure) #90 The Dread God Of Al-Khazadar (Limited Ed. Sketch Cover)

$ 14.99

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This is the special author's sketch edition of the Dread God of Al-Khazadar adventure! To save a city...to save a world! The end is nigh. A shadow falls on Punjar, and panic fills the streets. This doom cannot be fought, and it cannot be outrun. Unless. From the lightless depths below the city streets, you must find the way to the alien world of Madkeen, there to learn the secret that will save you 鈥 or to perish in the attempt. This adventure pits adventurers against the manchines of Al-Khazadar, the savage hordes of the P'quoth, and the indifference of the fate-denying Madka. The clock is ticking. There will be no victory without sacrifice. Without the courage, cunning, and strength to face an immortal, your souls will surely fall prey to the Dread God Al-Khazadar! Made in the USA.