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Earthdawn RPG: Game Master's Guide (Pathfinder)

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SKU: FAS13002
A Land of Wondrous Beauty and Unspeakable Evil... ...When the Wizards proclaimed that the Scourge had ended, Jaro, I, and three others broke open the seals on the doors and walked outside. We hoped to find a new world brimming with life. Instead, a barren landscape stretched before us. As quick as thought, the sky grew dark with creatures, their attack nearly overwhelming us. We fought our way back to the kaer, thinking ourselves safe. We soon learned that a Horror had entered the mind of Jaro... Explore the province of Barsaive, a land that encompasses the high mountain realms of savage troll raiders, lush green jungles that conceal long-forgotten cities, vast plains filled with strange and deadly beasts, and the life-giving waters of the mighty Serpent River. An untamed land still recovering from the depredations of the Scourge, Barsaive now teems with orks and elves, t'skrang lizard-men and human settlers, all drawn by the promise of her breathtaking wonders. The Earthdawn庐 Game Master's Guide contains a detailed tour of this troubled province; stats for dozens of new monsters that stalk her lands, including several loathsome Horrors; descriptions of over 30 common and Legendary threaded magical items; rules for the vile practice of Blood Magic; and the esoteric mysteries of ancient legends and nefarious secret societies to populate your campaign! Earthdawn庐 Game Master's GuideTM Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Edition Rulebook Published by RedBrick LLC Format: 272 pages, 6.14" x 9.21", B+W Interior Requires use of the Pathfinder庐 Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook
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