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Earthdawn RPG: Player's Guide (HC) (Pathfinder)

$ 29.99
Hardcover THE AGE OF LEGEND Before science, before history, there was an Age of Legend... For years humanity huddled in underground kaers, as the astral beings known as the Horrors ravaged the land in an orgy of terror and destruction. Now the long, dark age of the Scourge has passed, and the brave adventurers emerge to reclaim their world. Elf, ork, t'skrang, human, and other wondrous races explore a world that teems with strange creatures and unseen dangers; a world of lost cities, or ancient, long-forgotten treasures and idescribable wonders; a world where the very earth and sky vibrate with powerful arcane energies. The Earthdawn Player's Guide contains what every Pathfinder Roleplaying Game player needs to create one of these brave heroes and help rekindle the glory of days past, including new races, equipment, spells, skills, feats, and rules for being an Adept. Join the adventure and begin roleplaying in Earthdawn, the Age of Legend! Earthdawn庐 Player's GuideTM Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Edition Rulebook Published by RedBrick LLC Format: 292 pages, 6.14" x 9.21", B+W Interior Requires use of the Pathfinder庐 Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook
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