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Family Games: The 100 Best

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In Family Games: The 100 Best, the top designers and publishers write about the most enjoyable, most cleverly designed titles of the last one hundred years. Their essays cover the spectrum from board games to card games, wargames to miniatures games to role-playing games, including old favorites and little known gems. These are the games that the designers themselves play, the ones that have inspired their most popular inventions. Family Games: The 100 Best also features a foreword by board game legend and Senior Director of Product Acquisition for Hasbro Games Mike Gray (Fortress America) and an afterword by author and actor Wil Wheaton (Stand By Me, Star Trek: The Next Generation). Authors and Games Covered Carrie Bebris on 10 Days in the USA Steven E. Schend on 1960: The Making of the President Dominic Crapuchettes on Apples to Apples Mike Breault on The Awful Green Things from Outer Space Jeff Tidball on Balderdash Keith Baker on Bang! Bruce Harlick on Battleship James Wallis on Bausack Paul Jaquays on Black Box Lewis Pulsipher on Blokus Teeuwynn Woodruff on Boggle Fred Hicks on Buffy the Vampire Slayer James Ernest on Candy Land Ian Livingstone on Can锟絫 Stop Bruce Whitehill on Careers Jared Sorensen on Cat Wolfgang Baur on Cathedral John Scott Tynes on Clue Alessio Cavatore on Condottiere Elaine Cunningham on Connect Four Will Hindmarch on Cranium Erik Mona on Crossbows and Catapults William W. Connors on Dark Tower John D. Rateliff on Dogfight Robert J. Schwalb on Dungeon! jim pinto on Dvonn Gav Thorpe on Easter Island Jeff Grubb on Eurorails Kenneth Hite on Faery锟絪 Tale Deluxe Richard Dansky on Family Business Warren Spector on Focus Corey Konieczka on For Sale James M. Ward on Fortress America Stan! on Frank锟絪 Zoo Bruce C. Shelley on The Game of Life Phil Orbanes on A Gamut of Games Monica Valentinelli on Gloom Matt Leacock on Go Away Monster! Steve Jackson on The Great Dalmuti David 锟絑eb锟 Cook on Guillotine Jason Matthews on Gulo Gulo Joshua Howard on Halli Galli Bruce Nesmith on Hare & Tortoise Mike Pondsmith on HeroClix Anthony J. Gallela on HeroQuest Chris Pramas on HeroScape Ed Greenwood on Hey! That锟絪 My Fish! Colin McComb on Hive Alan R. Moon on Hoity Toity Jon Leitheusser on Ingenious Uli Blennemann on Java Luke Crane on Jungle Speed Monte Cook on Kill Doctor Lucky Emiliano Sciarra on Knightmare Chess Todd A. Breitenstein on Liar锟絪 Dice Marc Gascoigne on Loopin锟 Louie Andrew Parks on Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation Seth Johnson on Lost Cities John Yianni on Magi-Nation Bill Bodden on Master Labyrinth Andrew Greenberg on Mastermind Ken Levine on Memoir 锟44 Scott Haring on Mille Bornes Steve Jackson on Monopoly Sheri Graner Ray on Mouse Trap Kevin G. Nunn on Mystery Rummy: Murders in the Rue Morgue Dale Donovan on The Omega Virus Darren Watts on Othello Charles Ryan on Pandemic Michelle Lyons on Pente Thomas M. Reid on Pictionary Nicole Lindroos on Pieces of Eight John Wick on Pit Matt Forbeck on Pok锟絤on Robin D. Laws on Prince Valiant Stephen Glenn on Qwirkle S锟絙astien Pauchon on Ricochet Robots Peter Olotka on Risk Richard Breese on Rummikub Jesse Scoble on Scotland Yard Richard Garfield on Scrabble Mike Selinker on Set Rob Heinsoo on Small World Hal Mangold on Sorry! Jess Lebow on Stratego Eric Goldberg on Strat-O-Matic Baseball Andrea Angiolino on Survive! Karl Deckard on Thebes Dan Tibbles on Time锟絪 Up! Tom Wham on Trade Winds Susan McKinley Ross on TransAmerica Ray Winninger on Trivial Pursuit Leo Colovini on Twixt Matthew Kirby on Uno David Parlett on Upwords Lester Smith on Werewolf John Kovalic on Wits & Wagers Philip Reed on Yahtzee Kevin Wilson on Zendo Jess Hartley on Zooloretto Editor: James Lowder Format: 380 pages, trade paperback