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Fate RPG: Fate Accessibility Toolkit

$ 15.00
SKU: EHP0057
THERE'S ROOM FOR EVERYBODY AT THE GAME TABLE! The Fate Accessibility Toolkit offers a wealth of advice and guidance for Fate Core that brings characters with disabilities into your game and supports players with disabilities at your table. We鈥檝e assembled a team from disabled communities to ensure that this book speaks to you from their real, lived experiences. You鈥檒l also want a copy of Fate Core, Fate Accelerated, or Fate Condensed to play. That said, we provide plenty of advice and perspectives you can use with any game system! Inside the Fate Accessibility Toolkit you鈥檒l find: 鈥n exploration of the challenges and experiences facing people with a variety of physical and mental disabilities, in their own words. 鈥dvice on compassionately and respectfully playing characters with disabilities, as well as strategies for welcoming disabled players to your game table. 鈥iscussion of specific disabilities, including blindness, D/deafness and hardness of hearing, mobility issues, dwarfism, chronic illness, autism, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolarity, and PTSD. 鈥ptions for representing disability in the Fate system, using a mix of aspects, stunts, and conditions, and including an exploration of adaptive devices available to characters across a variety of settings. 鈥ppendices include review of RPG safety tools to help you run a welcoming game, an ASL reference for common RPG terms, and a large-print character sheet for Fate Core.