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Flames Of War (WWII): Bagration - German (HC)

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Bagration: German is a 106pg hardback book that gives you everything you need to field a powerful German force on the Eastern Front during Operation Bagration, 1944. Inside you will find: * Background on the German Army during 1944, including Operation Bagration and the tense battles that followed * Instructions on how to build 11 full companies using all-new plastics as well as exisiting units from the Flames of War range of miniatures; including a Hetzer Tank-hunter company, a Panzer IV/70 Tank Company, a Storm Grenadier Company and an Armoured Panzergrenadier Company * Three new Bagration themed missions * City fighting rules * Campaign guidance for Operation Bagration Forces * A German infantry and German tank painting guide * Full product catalogue for German Forces on the Eastern Front in 1944