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Flames Of War (WWII): Fortress Italy - The Axis Defense Of Italy, January 1944-May 1945

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Fortress Italy is the Axis volume and contains Germans and Italians (well, those Italians still fighting for the Fascist cause). The Germans include all the Intelligence Briefings from Dogs & Devils and Cassino. We start with an Anzio section covering the Hermann Goring Fallschimp - anzerdivision with a Panzerkompanie, Panzergrenadierkompanie, a new Panzerpionierkompanie, and threevariants of the Aufkl盲rungsschwadron. This section also includes the Grenadierkompanie and I've expanded it with options for both Trained and Veteran troops and support covering all the fighting in Italy up to May 1945. Two new companies added to the book cover the heavy armour used at Anzio. You can now field a company of Tiger IE heavy tanks or a company of Elefant heavy tank-hunters. The next section covers the forces defending the Gustav and Hitler Lines and includes a Fallschirmjagerkompanie, with options for both 1. Fallschirmjagerdivision and 4. Fallschirmjagerdivision, a Reichsgrenadierkompanie from the 'Hoch und Deutschmeister' division, the mountain troops of the Gebirgsj盲gerkompanie from 5. Gebirg division, and the Stutzpunkt fortified strongpoint that can be from either 1. Fallschirm jagerdivision or 'Hoch und Deutschmeister' division. The last German section covers the mobile troops, whose dual roles as mobile reserves and delaying covering troops played such an important part in the actions of the Germans in Italy. New is the inclusion of the troops of 26. Panzerdivision, as well 90. 'Sardinien' Panzergrenadierdivision from Cassino. You can field Panzerkompanie, Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie with armored half-tracks, or motorised Panzergrenadierkompanie 26. Panzerdivision has a couple of unique components like its own Flammpanzer. flame-tanks, Italian self-propelled guns, and a FlaK battalion with self-propelled 8.8cm FlaK37 anti-aircraft guns. Two Luftwaffe field divisions also fought in Italy. These were eventually merged into one and were put under command of 26. Panzerdivision. You can field a Luftwaffe Jagerkompanie with supporting elements of 26. Panzerdivision. The final section of Fortress Italy covers the Fascist Italian forces of the RSI (Repubblica Sociale Italiana). You can field either a Compagnia di Fanteria (infantry company) as they fought on the Gothic Line, or their reconnaissance element the Gruppo Esplorante (reconnaissance group). For the fighting at Anzio and the retreat to Rome you can take an elite Compagnia Paracadutisti (parachute company) with heavy German support.