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Flames Of War (WWII): Hellfire & Back - Early War Battles In North Africa, 1940-1941

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Hellfire and Back covers the battles in Libya and Egypt between the Italian invasion of Egypt on 13 September 1940 until the end of Operation Crusader at the end of December 1941. During that time both the Allies and Axis raced backwards and forwards across the desert, each achieving overwhelming victories only to see the other side recover to come back at them once again. What's inside Hellfire and Back
  • Italian Forces in North Africa 1940-41
  • German Forces in North Africa 1941
  • British and Commonwealth Forces in North Africa 1940-41
  • One Italian, two German, one British and one Australian Warrior.
  • Strongpoint Fortification rules
  • Desert Hazards variable terrain rules
  • Three new Missions
  • Background History and Maps