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Flames Of War (WWII): (Iron Cross) Stalingrad 2-player Starter Set

$ 35.00

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The Stalingrad Starter Set is a great way to join the fight and begin playing Flames Of War. This box contains 5 plastic tanks, the Flames Of War rule book and a Starter Guide to help you begin playing quickly. STALINGRAD includes: 1x Plastic German Panzer III Tank 1x Plastic German Panzer IV Tank 1x Plastic Soviet KV Tank 1x Plastic Soviet T-34 Tank 1x Plastic Soviet Valentine Tank 1x Flames of War Mini Rulebook 1x Flames of War 鈥楽tart here鈥 Booklet 2x Terrain Cards 6x Dice 9x Unit Cards Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.