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Flames Of War (WWII): Road To Rome - The Allide Assault On Italy, January 1944-May 1945

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Road to Rome covers the Allied forces fighting in Italy between January 1944 and May 1945. The book contains British and Commonwealth, Polish, Americans and French. The British and Commonwealth section contains rules and Intelligence Briefings for British, Indians, Canadians, New Zealanders and South Africans. With so many nations we have expanded the Rifle Company out into three separate companies. New forces include the Recce Squadron, Churchill tank armed Tank Squadron, and the New Zealand Divisional Cavalry Squadron equipped with Staghound armoured cars. I also added Intelligence Briefings for the British and Commonwealth armored divisions with an Armored Squadron and Motor Company. These forces include options for British, New Zealand, South African, and Canadian troops. The Corps Support contains the engineering tanks of the 25th Armored Engineer Brigade with Crocodile tanks, Sherman Crab fail tanks, and AVRE assault tanks. If the New Zealand Divisional Cavalry Squadron is not your thing, I鈥檝e also included an Armoured Car Squadron with options for British Guards, British, and Canadians. The Poles follow the British section, with options for infantry, reconnaissance, and armored companies. The US section is packed full of the forces you may be familiar with from Dogs & Devils and Cassino, but with a massive amount of expansion. The Rifle Company includes options for veteran and trained troops and the separate Nisei Rifle Company covers the elite 100th Battalion and the expanded 442nd Regimental Combat Team, allowing you to field Fearless Trained and Fearless Veteran options. The First Special Service Force has been updated and now includes a Warrior: Sergeant Tommy Prince. New forces include the Rangers and 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment who fought at Anzio. We have the 91st Cavalry, now expanded to cover them fighting on foot and mounted up in their armored cars after Cassino. Finally we cover the 1st Armored Division in Italy with Intelligence Briefings for Tank and Armored Rifle companies. New to the Corps Support section is the M17 Whizbang, a short range, but hard-hitting tank mounted rocket system. The final section of the book covers the French. As well as the savage Goums from Cassino you can also field the Tirailleurs, the colonial infantry that made up the bulk of the French forces in Italy, and an Escadron de Spahi, the French reconnaissance forces.