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Fortune and Glory: Rise Of Crimson The Hand (Expansion)

$ 39.95
SKU: FFP0503

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Rise of the Crimson Hand is packed full of new material for Fortune and Glory with new cards for every deck, new Dangers to face, including a new mechanic for �Deadly� tests, new Villains to fight (each with a highly detailed figure), Epic City Events that can be triggered (unique to each major city), devious Crimson Hand Acolyte figures, dispatched to race the Heroes for Artifacts, and a powerful new Vile Organization to contend with! The Order of the Crimson Hand has infiltrated every level of society and performs cult rituals, binding Dark Creatures from another world to do their bidding! The stakes have never been higher and the Heroes must keep their wits about them if they are to prevent the Rise of the Crimson Hand.