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GMT Games: Down in Flames Squadron Pack

$ 10.00
SKU: GMT0507
The one thing that Down in Flames series players are always looking for is additional aircraft for their favorite game series. This pack will consist of 64 fighter aircraft cards, printed in the eight-per-sheet (cut \'em out yourself) style of C3i-DiF module inserts that you\'ve enjoyed over the years. Most of the aircraft cards are NEW aircraft types, such as the British Typhoon and Tempest, the German Bf-109G-6/R6, the Fw-190F and the American P-63A Kingcobra (which was used extensively in combat by the Soviet air force). The pack also contains a number of more obscure but interesting aircraft, like the Rumanian IAR 80, the German TA-152H, the Polish PzL 24, the Italian Cr42 Falco, M.C. 202 Folgore and the G.50bis Freccia.