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Gorus Maximus

$ 19.00

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Gain the support of the masses by collecting gladiators with positive Crowd Favour and avoiding those with negative favour. “Challenge” by matching the rank of the last gladiator played and the trump suit changes mid-trick. At the end of the round the 0 of trump awards 5 bonus Crowd Favour, so manipulate trump until victory is yours. Players are dealt a hand of ten gladiator cards and must contribute one gladiator to each bout (trick). There is a Preferred School (trump suit) and the strongest gladiator from this school wins the bout. If no preferred gladiator entered the fight, then the strongest gladiator from the Initiating School (suit led) wins. Players must follow the Initiating School if able, or they may “Challenge” by matching the rank of the last gladiator played, immediately changing the Preferred School to that of their gladiator! Players compete to collect gladiators with positive Crowd Favor and avoid those with negative favor. The player with the highest favor at the end of the round earns 1 Crowd Support. The first player to earn 3 Crowd Support has won the support of the masses and earns the title: Champion of Gorus Maximus! Made in China.