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Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations (Solitaire Strategy Game)

$ 99.99

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A massive addition to our Air Leader series of solitaire board games. The catch line is "If the US Navy Has It So Do You!" This game includes all the aircraft and weapons used by the US Navy since the Vietnam War. You can command squadrons of FA-18A's, FA-18C's, FA-18E's, FA-18F's, FA-18G's, F-14's, A-6's, A-7's, EA-6B's, and E-2C's. We are even adding the F-35 stealth fighter/bomber, which the Navy won't even receive until 2014! Components:
  • 330 cards
  • 8 campaigns
  • 2 Tactical sheets *1 11" x 17" MOUNTED Tactical Display Sheet
  • 352 5/8" counters
  • Full color rulebook