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Infinity (#744) Ariadna: Line Kazaks (4)

$ 39.49
SKU: COR281103
The Line Kazaks are a light infantry corps that acts as a first line of defense for the thinly-spread and often isolated Ariadnan stanitsas. The average Cossack infantry soldier is sturdy, fussy, a bit imprudent and irredeemably fatalist, but the salient feature of these men and women is their physical fitness. This box includes four miniatures: One Line Kazak with AP HMG, one Line Kazak with Sniper Rifle, one Line Kazak with Missile Launcher and one Line Kazak Paramedic. A vital addition to our Tartary Army Corps from the Operation Coldfront Battle Pack (REF. 280020-0730). Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.