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Infinity (#762) ALEPH: Yadu Troops (4)

$ 39.49
SKU: COR280864

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The Yadu Troops are the elite shock unit of the SSS. Outfitted with first-class Lhosts as well as advanced weaponry and tactical equipment, the Yadu cast a shadow on any unit that would attempt to imitate them. This box includes four miniatures: One Yadu with HMG, one Yadu with Heavy Rocket Launcher and Submachine Gun, one Yadu Hacker with Boarding Shotgun and one Yadu with Combi Rifle and E/Marat. With this box we can reinforce our Operations Subsection of the SSS Sectorial Army of the Operation Coldfront Battle Pack (REF.280020-0730), allowing us to create a Yadu Fireteam: Core or have all the options to form a Special Fireteam: Haris with the Deva Functionaries. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.