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Infinity CodeOne: Operation Crimson Stone Battlebox

$ 148.99
SKU: COR280036-0889

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Operation Crimson Stone is a new battlebox that brings two new factions into Infinity CodeOne: Ariadna 鈥揻ounded by the descendants of the first human colony ship -and Nomads-a coalition of three colossal ships -. As you know, Infinity CodeOne is 1005 compatible with InfinityN4. N4playerswill find in this box miniatures for the sectorials Corregidor and Kosmoflot! The battlebox Operation Crimson Stone includes everything 2 players would need to play: 14 miniatures, scenery, accessories and a 40 pages booklet with an introduction to Nomads and Ariadna, as well as a 5 tutorial missions to learn the Infinity CodeOne basic game mechanics.