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Judges Guild Deluxe Oversized Collector's Edition

$ 100.00
SKU: GMG4614

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In cooperation with Judges Guild, Goodman Games is pleased to present the biggest RPG sourcebook you have seen! The Judges Guild Deluxe Oversized Collector鈥檚 Edition compiles three of the most famous Judges Guild adventures: Tegel Manor, and Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor. All three are SCanned from original printings, and a gallery of the classic covers is included. This deluxe oversized hardcover also includes five issues of the legendary Judges Guild Journal, the oversized 11鈥漻17鈥 newsprint journal originally shipped to Judges Guild subSCribers. In 40 years the Journal has never before been reprinted! Additionally the book includes a number of introductory articles and memoirs on the history and legend of Judges Guild; classic photographs; and SCans of alternate printings of the threeModules (such as the first digest-sized printing of Tegel Manor). Plus the book has all the original maps, SCanned at the highest possible resolution, including the legendary Tegel Manor poster maps! The oversized hardcover is large enough to accommodate the Tegel Manor maps as bound-in pages, and includes a gatefold to show the largest of them at a printed size of 26鈥 wide x 18鈥 tall. Finally, the book includes the original map sketch of Bob Bledsaw, Sr., for Tegel Manor. All of this is printed in a handsomely bound hardcover with gold foil cover, and packaged in a custom-manufactured, printed corrugated shipping carton to ensure this valuable collectible arrives intact.