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Leaping Lemmings

$ 35.00
SKU: GMT1006
Set in the Rocky Mountains near Waterloo, Montana, this game pits genetic scientists against one another as they each attempt to get their clan of cloned lemmings to most successfully scurry forward to throw themselves over a cliff, hopefully grabbing enough air to impress the judges with their technique so that their final act will bring glory to their clan. There are hungry eagles circling overhead, and lots of treachery and trickery to both use and be on guard against. The top lemming in each hex is the only one that can move, but it's also the only one the ever-hungry eagles will snatch. Do you preclude your opponents move risking the talons of doom? Timing is everything. This game is not complex, but it has lots of depth to its strategic and tactical options. Best use of covering terrain to hide from the eagles, and daring dashes to the coveted food pellets en route what will hopefully be an amazing dive.
Players: 2 - 6 | Playing Time: 60 minutes | Ages: 10 +