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Leningrad - The Advance of Army Group North

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Leningrad, based on the award-winning Panzergruppe Guderian game system, features an easy-to-learn rules format to allow players to get right into the action. All the elements of mechanized battle -air power, armor, infantry, logistics, reserves- are present. Game mechanics are straightforward, but the situation facing the players is anything but simple. The strength of Soviet units is unknown to both players until they are first tested in battle, creating the possibility of nasty surprises for either side. The initial Germans superiority allows them to cut through the Soviets almost at will, but at times the drive must be curtailed to ensure protection of supply lines and to pull units out of the line to replace losses. Continuous Soviets reinforcements enable them to take the battle to the Germans, but strength must be held back to form new defensive lines. The player best able to balance means with objectives, and to avoid mistakes, will win. Leningrad is a challenge for all gamers, veterans or novice, with an interest in World War II on the Eastern Front. Components: 8 page rule book, 100 die cut counters, one 11" x 17" map.