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Manoeuvre: Distant Lands

$ 25.00
SKU: GMT1707

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Manoeuvre: Distant Lands is a fast-playing game of battlefield command, set in the early 19th Century. It can be played as a stand-alone game, but it is recommended that for enhanced variety of armies, it is best to combine with the original Manoeuvre. Multiple geomorphic game maps provide the chessboard-sized battlefields over which eight different armies of the time period move and fight in one-on-one battles. The four armies are: Sweden, India, China and Japan. All are radically different from each other, and three of them (India, China and Japan) are radically different from most of the eight armies in Manoeuvre. As the commanding general of a nation's army, you have at your command eight different units and a deck of sixty cards representing each of your units, plus cards representing your army's unique strengths. Your job is to utilize your army's assets and manoeuvre your forces to achieve battlefield supremacy.