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Monsterpocalypse: Master of Xolotl – First Guardians Monster (metal/resin)

$ 34.99
SKU: PIP51167

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At the dawn of civilization, mankind was its most fragile—a single flood or drought could erase a civilization from the map. People prayed to the sky for favorable seasons. Xolotl, Master of the domain between heaven and earth, heard their prayers, and to honor their Master they named their land after him. The great winged serpent sent them rain to water the crops in the spring and the clouds to shade livestock in the summer. But it was under the blood moon of a lunar eclipse when the King of Camazotz first struck the land of Xolotl. Cities crumbled to the Ancient One’s siege. Awakened by the cries of his people, the Master rushed down from the clouds. He saw the people he had not favored found their own patron to worship. Camazotz fell upon Xototl, and their clash shook the world. To ensure their survival, Xototl invigorated his people with his strength and reshaped them into First Guardians, who turned the tide against Camazotz and his Ancient Ones. When the lunar eclipse was over, Camazotz and the Ancient Ones receded back into the Death Lands…for now. The Master of Xolotl knew he would need allies if his people were to survive the oncoming apocalypse when Camazota returned. The Master of Xolotl is a monster with a focus on power and control that can join any Protectors force. Xolotl can Invigorate his allies to hit his enemies, and when the situation calls for it, he can Reshape his units to better suit his needs. Their Offering stirs him to action, and in the end, there is nowhere to hide the Master of Xolotl can’t drag his enemies from. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.