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Mysterium: Hidden Signs Expansion

$ 29.99

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New information has come to light in the case of of the murder at Warwick's Manor. Hidden Signs, Mysterium's first card expansion, adds even more mystery and challenge to the investigation with 78 brand new cards. Suspects have been unveiled, locations revealed and new objects discovered, and the ghost has even more visions for the psychics to interpret. The combinations are endless, but the pressure remains to solve the case quickly so the ghost may rest in peace. Reenter the dreamworld of Mysterium and use your intuition to decipher new clues and find the truth in Hidden Signs.
  • The first expansion to the cooperative interpretation game, Mysterium
  • 78 unique cards allow endless combinations
  • Expands the game without changing rules
  • Intricate original artwork extends mystical theme
  • Promotional cards included in first print copies