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Savage Worlds RPG: Deadlands - Lost Colony

$ 39.99
SKU: S2P10802

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The story of Deadlands continues. The Last War on Earth destroyed the Tunnel, the galactic wormhole between home and the colonists of the Faraway System. This left the colonists trapped in deep space mining colonies or on the lone habitable and often hostile planet of Banshee. Ancient and evil creatures called the skinnies saw their chance to strike, rallying Banshee鈥檚 native anouks to wipe out the invaders. Now the only ship capable of traveling between systems, Hellstromme Industries鈥 allegedly-haunted Unity, has returned. But with its terrible cargo comes a final Reckoning. Deadlands: Lost Colony details this grim and gritty world, new Edges & Hindrances, equipment, revised vehicles and spaceships, new rules for the Harrowed and other Arcane Backgrounds, an adventure generator, bestiary, and a complete Plot Point Campaign鈥攁ll updated for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition!