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Shadowrun RPG 4th Edition: Spells and Chrome (PB) [Novel]

$ 14.95

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LIFE ON THE RAZOR锟絊 EDGE! Welcome to the year 2070. A world of magic and machine. Urban sprawl. Cyberware. The matrix. Man, elf, and dragon. Of lives all but controlled by the monolithic megacorps. And the stories of those who live in the shadows, fighting back. In this dark, gritty future, heroes are born on the streets and back alleys, living by their wits, their paranoia, and by a few simple rules. Run hard. Shoot straight. And never let the dragon deal. The urban fantasy world of Shadowrun returns with Spells & Chrome, 17 new tales of life in a dark, dystopian future. Where magic and the mythic races of elf, dwarf, orc and troll have risen again, thrusting themselves into a technological world of cyberware, smartguns, and the matrix. Shadowrun enjoys twenty years as one of the most unique settings ever created for games and fiction.