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Shadowrun: Shaken - No Job Too Small

$ 12.95

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Jimmy Kincaid is an elven P.I., damaged mage, and friend to the downtrodden. He roams the streets of 2074 Seattle, dispensing justice the only way he knows how fast and direct. But when a mage contacts him to let him know his magical mentor has died and left him a datachip Kincaid thinks his old professor was simply taking care of some minor unfinished business. But, when the professor hires Kincaid to find out who killed his mentor, an old enemy from Kincaid's past pops up as the prime suspect the same vampire that stripped him of his magic! But the bloodsucker's involvement goes deeper than Kincaid first realizes, and soon he's running for his life while trying to figure out exactly what his old mentor was up to and why so many will kill to get their claws on it!