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Skulduggery (Robin Laws RPG)

$ 22.95

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Bamboozle! Betray! Backstab! Why go all the way to the dungeon for enemies, when the other players are sitting right next to you? Skulduggery, the Roleplaying Game Of Verbal Fireworks & Sudden Reversals, brings fast and funny innovation to the exciting world of inter-player conflict! Super-speedy character generation gets your group skeeving and conniving in minutes. Just distribute component cards, trade, and you鈥檙e done. simple, and simply hilarious, rules convert the eternal playground chant of 鈥淣o you don鈥檛!鈥 鈥淥h, yes I do!鈥 into a zingy action resolution system. Turns your power-gamers into witticism machines by rewarding the strategic use of pre-supplied punchlines. Exploit others鈥 weaknesses, while weaseling away from your own, as you grapple with an uproarious array of self-defeating temptations. Unleashes the updated rules of the acclaimed Dying Earth Roleplaying Game, bringing elegant finagling and oneupsmanship to any genre. Revel in the dark art of Machiavellian Game Mastering with copious guidance and devious advice.