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Squadron Strike: Traveller Deluxe

$ 84.95
SKU: ADA15000-DX

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3D Space Combat in the Traveller Universe! The first Traveller product was a space combat game, and it ws the first vector movement game ever published. Now, 40 years later, Traveller gets a revamped space combat game for large ship fleet actions, using notable Traveller ships like the Azhanti High Lightning and Plankwell Battleship, along with brand new ships for the Zhodani and Aslan Hierate. All using the award winning 3D space combat engine of Squadron Strike, with all the weapons and defenses pre-built and ready to fly. This product has 16 ships, 50 box miniature in four countersheets, and a teaching tutorial that walks you through the rules in stages, adding new Traveller systems at each step. In addition to the ships and the tutorial, there are scenarios covering major actions of the Fifth Frontier War, sample Traveller characters for high ranking Naval officers, and canonical new details on how fleet operations were run during the Fifth Frontier War. 1-2 hour playing time 2-6 players; scales like a squad scale minis game Complete Boxed Game, ready to play. The Deluxe Edition has a full color Squadron Strike rulebook
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