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Talisman Adventures RPG Game Master's Kit

$ 19.99
Ready your heroes for daring quests and mighty deeds with the Talisman Adventures Game Master鈥檚 Kit! This indispensable resource for the Talisman Adventures Fantasy Roleplaying Game has 24 pages of useful Game Master guidance and expanded rules, plus exciting new locations, encounters, and enemies. Thrilling stories await, as your heroes might meet the Black Squire, face the Duelist鈥檚 Challenge, discover a Faery Revel, or enter the Haunted Ruin! The Kit contains a stunning 4-panel screen for quick reference on commonly used rules, charts, and tables, all to make storytelling in the Realm even easier. It also includes a sheet of Fate tokens plus a set of blank Player Character sheets so that everyone can dive into adventure even faster!