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Test of Honour: Ikko Rebel Mob

$ 21.00

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This set contains: 3 Ikko Rebels 1 Recruitment Card 1 Trait card 1 Quest card 1 Multi-base These rebel peasants are armed with a variety of weapons (counting as katanas in a group). The Oppressed Masses trait makes them particularly dangerous against samurai class enemies. The Ikko-ikki were a rebellious group motivated by religious doctrine. They consisted of peasants, merchants, monks and even low-ranking samurai who all followed a militant sect of Buddhism led by a charismatic priest called Rennyo. In 1486 the Ikko-ikki staged a violent uprising in Kaga province, overthrowing the governor and taking control for themselves 鈥 the first time in Japanese history that commoners had ruled a province. The movement had thousands of dedicated followers 鈥 fanatical Sohei warrior monks as well as simple peasant farmers seeking an escape from their lives of toil and oppression. Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled.