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The American Revolution: Decision in North America

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The American Revolution: Decision in North America. Designed by Joseph Miranda (originally published in Strategy & Tactics 270), is a strategic two-player wargame of intermediate complexity. It covers the entire struggle (1775-82) at the continental and intercontinental levels. One player commands the British, while the other leads the Americans along with their French and Spanish Allies. The point-to-point map depicts all of North America from the Mississippi east, including the Caribbean region and Atlantic Ocean. Each brigade-equivalent unit of maneuver represents two to four battalions (about 1,500-4,000 men) of regulars, militia or Indians, and fleets, along with individual leaders of general and admiral rank. Each turn represents a year. There's a full campaign game, along with a short scenario that ends in 1778. Both scenarios begin with full historical set ups. Playing time for the campaign scenario is about eight hours, while the short scenario can be fought through in half the time. Rules cover: politics in North America and Britain, colonial loyalties European balance of power, Hessians, fortresses, sieges, partisans, Indian sovereignty, massacres, and honors of war.