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The Edge Of Midnight RPG

$ 23.99 $ 39.99
SKU: EMP1000
"There's a million stories in the naked city. One of them just melted your car." Enter a world where the mean streets go on forever and the only justice comes at the end of a gun. Experience a unique take on the gritty world of noir, tailor-made for the role-playing experience. It s a universe of gumshoes and gun molls, of dark deeds and hard choices. But this isn t just any noir world. The laws of physics can be broken here like every other law leading to criminal warlocks who ply magic like bootleggers smuggling gin. Inhuman gaunts - men twisted into the form of inhuman monsters - rule the streets, while private detectives provide justice for a price. It s a world just a shade off our own, where the skyscrapers loom taller and the shadows yawn wider. It s a world with a dark riddle at its heart, one which only the brave or the desperate have the guts to seek. It s a world on the cusp of the abyss... a world waiting at the edge of midnight.