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The Guild of Merchant Explorers: Core Game

$ 49.99
SKU: AEG7102

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The Queen has sent out a call to The Guild of Merchant Explorers, asking brave adventurers to voyage to all corners of the kingdom of Tigom茅. While the kingdom is flourishing, its maps have not been updated in some time and its great cities have lost contact with one another. With your team of explorers, you will journey over rough seas, majestic mountains, vast deserts, and lush grasslands to establish trade routes between cities, visit far-seeing discovery towers, and discover new villages that have emerged. CONTENTS 8 Double Sided Maps 1 Exploration Board 24 Goal Cards 52 Village tokens 144 Explorer Cubes 16 Discovery Towers 32 Trading Post tokens 75 Coin tokens 40 Treasure tokens 16 Crystal tokens 5 Solo Mode Era tokens 28 Investigate Cards 40 Treasure Cards 1 Rulebook 1-4 Players 5 minutes set up time 45 minutes play time Ages 14+