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The Order Of The Stick: #1 Dungeon Crawlin' Fools

$ 24.95

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Six brave stick-figure adventurers embark on a semi-epic journey to overcome hardship, villainy, and the rules of their favorite fantasy roleplaying game in The Order of the Stick. And now you can own the first 121 strips of Rich Burlew锟絪 ridiculously popular webcomic epic in easy-to-read-in-the-bathroom book format! Time and again, you锟絣l be able to read as Roy, Elan, Belkar, and the rest of the OOTS cast face off against power-mad liches, snippy goblin's henchmen, rebellious teenagers, clown puppets, and their own crushing incompetence. The Order of the Stick: Dungeon Crawlin锟 Fools features 160 pages of full-color comics, including 18 all-new, never-seen-on-the-web bonus strips. Plus, commentary by the author, prefaces by James Wyatt and Belkar Bitterleaf, and scads of random extras we crammed in wherever there was a gap in the page count. This is THE definitive version of the early OOTS adventures, and you like being definitive, don锟絫 you? Of course you do.