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The White People & Other Stories Trade Paperback

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The Best Weird Tales of Arthur Machen Volume 2 Born in Wales in 1863, Machen was a London journalist for much of his life. Among his fiction, he may be best known for the allusive, haunting title story of this book, \"The White People\", which H. P. Lovecraft thought to be the second greatest horror story ever written (after Blackwood\'s \"The Willows\"). This wide ranging collection also includes the crystalline novelette \"A Fragment of Life\", \"The Angel of Mons\", (a story so widely reported that it was imagined true by millions in the grim initial days of the Great War), and \"The Great Return\", telling of the stately visions which graced the Welsh village of Llantristant for a time. Four more tales and the poetical \"Ornaments in Jade\" are all finely told. This is the second Machen volume edited by S. T. Joshi and published by Chaosium. The first volume was The Three Impostors. S.T. Joshi ed.; Cover by H.E. Fassl. 312 pages. Trade Paperback.