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The Witcher RPG: A Tome of Chaos (HC)

$ 35.00

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A Tome of Chaos is a supplement for The Witcher Tabletop Role-playing Game which gives you new spells, invocations, rituals, and hexes as well as a collection of magic items, dark rituals, and magical miscellanea to take your game to new heights. A Tome of Chaos includes: 鈥ew Magic: Explore a library of new magic including: spells, invocations, rituals, hexes, signs, runes, glyphs, elix-irs, and magic items. 鈥xplore the Dark Arts: Bend dark forces to your will with rules for summoning the spirits of the dead, making deals with demons, and creating mutant monstrosities. 鈥riests, Druids, & the Gifted: Expand the boundaries of magic at your gaming table with the separate and expanded Priest and Druid Professions and new rules for granting mundane characters minor magical talents. 鈥nd More: Learn how magic is taught across the Continent, follow the stories of Director Var Treharne, and experience the dangers of Goetia in a gripping adventure.