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Three Cheers for Master

$ 19.95

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Master has been blue lately. And when Master's blue, his foreminions suffer. In Three Cheers for Master, players must lead Master's violent, self-absorbed, dimwitted minions in a cheerleading competition, piling them into towers to amuse their malevolent overlord. Do the minions have problems? You bet. Nearly all of them are homicidal, but some have other helpful issues like claustrophobia, brittle bones, ravenous hunger, and a hasty enthusiasm for suicide. Each tower tries to stay stable while sabotaging the others. All before Master comes back. What could possibly go wrong? Gameplay Basics:
  • Every player must build a tower from cards representing Master's vicious, dangerous, war-hungry minions.
  • Players build their own towers for stability, while injecting chaos and discord into their opponents' structures.
  • Minions have special abilities like Flying, Hungry, and Kamikaze that can help their cause or complicate matters.
  • The game ends with Master's unpredictable return, when violence erupts and the towers are judged.