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Through The Breach RPG: (Penny Dreadful) Northern Sedition

$ 28.00
SKU: WYR30208
Northern Sedition is the long-awaited sequel to Northern Aggression! The adventure picks up in Ridley sometime after the calamitous conclusion of the previous adventure. Discontent and rioting are on the rise, and a powerful new faction - the Seditionists - seeks to free Ridley from the influence of both Guild and Union alike. In response to the chaos, the leaders of Ridley have organized the town's first official militia. As the first members of Ridley's new militia, the task of dealing with the Seditionists (and the fallout from Northern Aggression) falls to the Fated. Will they seek to turn public opinion against the Seditionists or join their ranks? Will they use the opportunity to shift public opinion towards the Guild or Union, or do their loyalties lie with the dreaded Resurrectionists or secretive Ten Thunders? The successes and failures of the militia will determine the faction that comes to rule over Ridley, provided that the town is not destroyed by the sinister forces who are determined to turn the rioting to their own benefit... Like its predecessor, Northern Sedition is strongly influenced by whichever Master is pulling Ridley's strings: Marcus, Pandora, Jack Daw, or Sonnia Criid. Each Master changes the adventure in various ways, switching up the battles and throwing new challenges at the Fated. While Northern Sedition is designed to be played after Northern Aggression, it still functions perfectly well as a stand-alone series of adventures. A few simple flips on a table allow the Fatemaster to determine how Northern Aggression ended without having to play through that adventure, allowing players to quickly jump into the action with Northern Sedition. Like all of our published Penny Dreadfuls, Northern Sedition is split into four separate Acts, each one providing a complete session of gameplay. Northern Sedition's conclusion also sets the stage for Northern Destruction, a future Penny Dreadful that concludes the entire Northern trilogy!