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Trail of Cthulhu RPG: Arkham Detective Tales Extended Edition

$ 22.95

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Down these mean streets no man should go. Cyclopean skyscrapers, bizarre cults, strange foreigners and eerie alleyways - the cities of New York and Arkham stand on the threshold between the modern age and the Mythos. No-one in the NYPD speaks of it, but everyone knows that certain neighborhoods are to be left alone and that there are worse things than criminals in the shadows. Only the foolhardy or the desperate follow the trail down these haunted streets. A new, extended edition with fully updated content and a brand new adventure set in Arkham. This volume includes five labyrinthine and spine-chilling mysteries for your Trail of Cthulhu investigators! The PDF is available free to your customers with a purchase at Bits & Mortar. If you are signed up to Bits and Mortar, you can supply the PDF to purchasers of this product, free of charge. See bits-and-mortar.com for more details.