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Traveller RPG - Adventure 1: Beltstrike (Campaign Setting)

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The galaxy has a basic need for certain minerals and materials to run their starship industries, arms factories, and even colonial constructions. These necessary facets of galactic industry are expensive, rare, and almost completely controlled by a multi-stellar union of asteroid-mining professionals � Belters. The Belters set the price depending on the supply and, some whisper, the demand. Megacredits flow back and forth from Belter accounts, and the galaxy runs as it should. That is, until the polarising winds of a comet passed through Belter territory. A faction of interstellar pirates and terrorists, the Pentad Coalition, used the comet�s passing to ambush the Belters and place galactic industry in a stranglehold. The Coalition is a powerful foe, and extremely convincing when . The Belters are splintered, turning from a cohesive union force to broken factions of individuals trying to survive under the scrutiny and merciless ways of the Coalition. Industrial pricing and pacing is utter chaos. When a secret message reaches your desk from a double-agent in the Coalition, what will you be willing to do in order to bring the Belters back in line? Beltstrike is a complete campaign for Traveller, suitable for any setting.