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Warcaster: Aerolith – Empyrean Attachment (resin/metal)

$ 14.99
SKU: PIP87017

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The Aeroliths are complex mechanika drones deployed alongside the Empyreans’ Saber squads. The robotic servitor not only possesses a suite of sensory apparatuses that can pinpoint even the best hidden enemy forces but also has a destructive pulse array, capable of unleashing powerful force explosions to devastate those same enemies where they are discovered. The Aeroliths take the single-minded devotional programming of the Saber forces to a whole new level, willing to move directly into harm’s way to protect assets deemed necessary by their Aeon masters. Features: * Can be attached to any Saber squad at the time the squad is deployed. * While charged, enemy models within 10˝ lose Stealth. * When a friendly model is targeted and hit by an enemy attack while within 5˝ of this model, this model can spike once to be hit instead. * While charged, this model gains 2 power dice on its Pulse Array ranged attacks. The Pulse Array also has the Blast weapon quality.