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Warcaster: Fulcrum – Empyrean Solo (metal)

$ 19.99
SKU: PIP87003

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Possessing an array of vastly complex mechanika, the Fulcrum is amongst the strangest and most advanced of the Empyreans’ robotic servitors. The soulless machine is part short-range gate generator and part weapon of war. It can be used to teleport friendly forces short distances or to turn the same technologies on the enemy, with all safeguards withdrawn and the terrifying power of its Void Cannon on full display. The presence of Fulcrums greatly adds to the unpredictability of Empyrean forces in battle. Features: * This model can spike to reposition a friendly unit with large or smaller bases up to 3˝ * When this model is targeted by an attack while charged, it can move up to 3˝ * When targeted with a Cypher, whether friendly or enemy, you can charge it with up to 1 Arc if it is not already charged * When this model hits an enemy model with its Void Cannon ranged weapon, it can spike to relocate the enemy model up to 3˝ away Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.