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Warhammer Underworlds: Elathain's Soulraid [LIMITED/ALLOCATED]

$ 42.00
SKU: GAW110-95

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Over the Centuries, the Idoneth Deepkin of the Ionrach Enclave had visited Beastgrave many times, claiming countless souls from the Silent People with which they might ensure their own survival. The Celebrated Isharann Soulrender Elathain was tasked with leading the latest foray, and took with him his soul-bound Thrall Tammael, the bond-beast Duinclaw, and his sworn Ishlaen escort, Fuirann. Elathain's Soulraid bring the speed and skill that you'd expect from an aelven warband into your games of Warhammer Underworlds. They also bring the unexpected in the form of their mastery of the Ethersea, and the giant crab, Duinclaw. This set also features universal cards for any warband in Warhammer Underworlds, while a free downloadable warscroll lets you fight with Elathrain's Soulraid in Warhammer Age of Sigmar. This set contains: - 5x push fit Elathain's Soulraid miniatures 鈥 no glue required to assemble - 5x fighter cards, representing each warrior in your games 鈥 Elathain, Fuirann, Tammael, Duinclaw, and Spinefin - A further 62 playable cards (only available in this set) to enhance your fighters and provide new tactics and challenges for your games of Warhammer Underworlds: Direchasm, including: - 12x Elathain's Soulraid objective cards - 10x Elathain's Soulraid upgrade cards - 10x Elathain's Soulraid ploy cards - 10x universal objective cards, usable by any warband - 10x universal upgrade cards, usable by any warband - 9x universal gambit cards, usable by any warband - 1x universal gambit spell cards, usable by any wizard