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Warmachine: (Golden Crucible) Captain Eira Mackay (Variant) - Battle Engine/Warcaster (resin)

$ 74.99 $ 124.99
SKU: PIP37019
Seeing a need for those with her warcaster abilities, Eira Mackay joined the Crucible Guard as soon as she was able, eager to assist in the war effort against those she saw as cruel oppressors. Life on the front lines was too dangerous for her father to bear, so he turned his talents into creating a bulwark to shield his daughter from harm: the Railless Interceptor, a unique weapons platform akin to the war wagons and gun carriages of the past, cross-bred with a locomotive and blended with alchemical and technical innovations. Traditional Crucible Guard commanders view the weapon as a novelty, but Captain Mackay works to prove their assumptions wrong, and she seems born for the task. Mackay rides into battle in her own Interceptor, making her one of the most imposing warcasters in the entire Faction. This warcaster excels at supporting not only other Railless Interceptors (PIP 37018) but also the various warjacks of the Crucible Guard. Whether it is the Suppressor (PIP 37011) or the Toro (PIP 37011), Mackay is an excellent choice to lead a heavy metal army. Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.