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Warmachine: Vypex – Shadowflame Shard Heavy Warbeast

$ 31.99
SKU: PIP29005
Rhyas determined that offensive magic was a valuable tool, one that never quite meshed with her fighting style. When she crafted her first beast, it was to supplement her more martial approach. This limbed serpent brings ancient Nyss folktale and myth to reality. The Vypex is capable of gliding through enemy ranks with incredible speed and balletic grace, but it can also act as a spell battery, stripping enemy magic or marking targets with magical lures to help draw in her forces. Iterations have been known to have scything claws, impaling spikes, various jaws, and even forms that included a weaponized tail. With each attack, it pulls itself along, slithering closer and closer to its true targets thought to be safe in the back lines. Requires 4x 3/16" disc magnets and 8x 1/8" disc magnets, not included. PIP 21192 Warmachine Hobby Magnet Pack can be purchased separately. Features: • It has an AAT 6 as well as tail options that offer three different offensive animi including Hunter’s Mark, Chasten, and Bladed Gale • It possesses the Innate Power and Steady special rules • Its heads all offer Bite melee attacks and can be customized to have Channeler, Reposition [3"], or Side Step • Its arm melee weapon options are a choice between Cleaver ×2 RNG 1" POW 15 with Combo Strike or Impaler ×2 RNG 2" POW 17 with Critical Paralysis Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.