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Woodland Scenics: Terain Accessory - Ready Grass Landscape Kit

$ 22.99

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This kit includes everything needed (various foliage, bushes, shrubs and adhesive) to enhance a 4' x 8' area. Bring your layout to life by adding additional scenery. Add paths, different colors of turf and highlights. Kit includes: Dark Green Underbrush - 54.1 in3 (886 cm3) Dark Green Coarse Turf - 21.6 in3 (353 cm3) Earth Fine Turf - 3.6 in3 (58.9 cm3) Soil Fine Turf - 3.6 in3 (58.9 cm3) Yellow Grass Fine Turf - 3.6 in3 (58.9 cm3) Scenic Cement鈩 - 8 fl oz (236 mL) 1 Scenic Spray Head