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Xpress Color: Iceberg Grey (Preorder)

$ 3.60 $ 4.50
SKU: VAL72463

Save 20% off - Place a preorder for Xpress Color: Iceberg Grey (Preorder) and we will ship as soon as it is in stock. We recommend purchasing in-stock items separately.

You will find colors designed to represent skin and flesh tones, so you have no excuse not to paint your vampires, zombies and fairies! We added more options in pinks, purples, browns and greys, as well as some shades to paint white and off-white. For historical wargames enthusiasts, eight new military shades, which allow you to paint either Napoleonic Wars or WWII uniforms. And the new Xpress Color Intense, eight colors with a higher pigment concentration with which you can paint the miniatures of your favorite units achieving more vibrant and saturated tones. Xpress Color are matt colors, specifically formulated to paint miniatures in a fast and easy way. The main characteristics are its excellent capillarity that allows the color to flow easily over the miniature surface, ettling on all the reliefs and more intensely in the crevices of the figure, creating a contrast effect with a single layer of paint. It is recommended to apply Xpress Color on a white or grey primed or painted surface. The color will create light areas on the reliefs, saturated mid-tones and intense shadows in the crevices of the figure. Like all our products, they are very versatile and can be applied over any color in the range to create soft shading and contouring effects, to create glazes or filters and to blend transitions between color tones.