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game kastle redwood city

a lot of games in stock, good staff, very clean, air conditioning, and nice tables to play at. best on the peninsula!
Taed, Google Review
great help available for someone who doesn’t know quite what they’re looking for. super friendly staff, who helped me leave with more games than i’d planned to buy!
Kalonica, Google Review
i happened to go on a tabletop night and the community was super welcoming. jeff, from the monsterpocalypse community handed me a pamphlet explaining the rules, let me ask a ton of questions and invited me to join their discord. it felt awesome to talk to people who were so interested in their communities and their hobbies.
Franklin, Google Review
great for kids and adults alike. they have one side for sales and another for events. they have a pokémon club sunday afternoons where kids meet, trade and play pokémon. they often have sales!
José, Google Review
i went with my family and played an escape room. it was so fun!! they have a place for everyone to play games for free on thursday nights. i recommend it if you want to have a cheap family night out or just want to hang out with friends.
Carolyn, Google Review

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