Game Kastle Customer Reviews

Great place for picking up the latest expansion for your favorite board game or look for new ones. The staff is attentive and knows their stuff. Has some Magic but it is not their main focus. Has additional locations in Santa Clara and Mt View.
Christopher Lang 3 weeks ago
Great staff. Answered all questions. Best part is the game room area where you can demo their stash of games. We tried out a few games with our 5 year old, seeing what she liked and could grasp. Will definitely go back.
Veronica Kimes a year ago
Helpful and honest staff. They have always have my business and I hope they continue to stay open and their weekly events start up again after covid
Victor Aquino 2 weeks ago
Very helpful staff. Easy to find new highly rated games. Very roomy. During COVID-19 requires wearing a mask to enter and limited to 15 people in the store at a time. Parking is in back. The lot also has an entrance off Main which is off Union. During rush hour that driveway might be easier top enter than trying to make a left of Washington if you're coming from Fremont Blvd. Next door is at least one restaurant. Across the street from a Burger King and near Safeway.
Linda Ruiz a month ago
Place was pretty sweet. The people there are nice and not pushy. They have new school and old school dragon shields. Singles and all kinds of other board games, 40k stuff, playing sections. Cool store.
Jaymes Peddie a year ago
I've been in here a few times, even though this wasn't the closest location for me. The guys in here have always been very friendly and eager to help whenever I walk on the door. Definitely like the vibe of the store and would recommend anybody. One word of caution which isn't this store's fault, Google maps will not take you directly to the store. The entrance for the store is around the block behind from where it thinks you should park. It's not bad at all, but it will probably be confusing on your first trip.
Travis Petersen 3 months ago
Bought a warhammer 40k product that had older models and the sales guy never warned me the product wouldn't fit into the game state today. Terrible communication skills from these neckbeards.
Alan Londono a week ago
Just as well run and friendly as all the others here in bay area
Michael Murphy 2 weeks ago